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TrendsVille media is driven by a team of dedicated professionals in all aspect of business development. With exceptional skillset and almost a decade of experience and practice to combine strong local presence with worldwide connection to deliver creative and unique brand strategy, brand campaigns, management an advertising, thereby giving quality and globally relevant solutions to your brand.

Every brand has a unique story and vision that drives them. At TrendsVille media, we give your brand a life of its own by telling your story to the expected target audience.

Welcome to Trendsville Media!

We specialize in building startups, improving existing business, we generate campaigns that fuel your business, provide corporate IT solutions. Having healthy relationships with our client is very important to us therefore we pay attention to every single detail of client’s project from start to finish.

I.T support

As the world continues to go digital, so are we! We use the different facet of information technology to improve your business by giving you a digital face. We are practical, always available and committed to working with you.

Shipment/Delivery Services

We handle your shipments and deliver to your door step as we also have pickup outlets, our services meets your need

Whatever your brand goal are – we are always ready to help.

Having healthy relationships with our client is very important to us therefore we pay attention to every single detail of client’s project from start to finish.

Best Service Quality Delivery

Our clients are both product and service firms who are just starting up and existing firms who wants to fuel the growth of their businesses

Why choose us?

  • We make use of up to date trends.
  • We are the best at what we do
  • We provide quality and globally competitive services
  • We guarantee seamless transaction
  • We have an offline office location you can visit in
  • We provide competitive exchange rate and our settlement is quickest
  • We have china office to support sourcing from there


How Trendsville media has changed lives?
Hear from our clients!.

They handle all the IT and tech support of our company and for 10 years till now it has been a wonderful experience with them.
Medinat Oladotun

“We are one stop shop for providing corporate solutions from I.T support, Business Management Training and Support, Branding, Branding Management, Advertising and other Solutions.”

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At trendsville media Ltd. we combine our strong local presence with a worldwide connection for selection of promotional products to give you the best in customized solutions to your products and services.

We Are Expert

We provide you the best commodity importation solutions, we also have the quickest international money transfer services. For more information on our products and services such as Global Sourcing, Payment Solutions and Shipment Solutions. Feel free to talk to us.


Connect with Us

Contact us for any inquiry and general information about our product and services.


Suite 6, Legislative Office Arcade, New Yidi Road , Irewolede, Ilorin



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Monday/Friday: 8am to 6pm
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