by Olasumbo Oyetunji

Every business in this century needs to familiarize itself with the trend of the global world. Business either startups or existing ones constantly need to make more customers, become more relevant, make business transactions easier, faster and to cover a wide range of target audience. This is the essence of tech support for business. The world now being a global village, everything happens through technology therefore the need to grow business with technology. There are however several ways through which technology is used to foster business, they include; digital marketing, technical support, search engine optimization etc.

In the past, technology was not a necessity for business success. These days one can hardly imagine doing business without technology. So it is safe to say that a business cannot thrive well for long without technology and in fact with the trend of things, by the end of this decade, no business will thrive without technology no matter how small it is. Information technology in business now give smart apps, faster business transactions, wide range of  heterogeneous customers, i, mean, as at now you do not have to physically see your customers before you make business dealings. Embracing technology in business allows for proper, standard and accurate business plan, it is more effective to carry out business promotion, they transact beyond their local environment by going global. This does not mean they have to anywhere, but it can be done in their comfort zones 

In all, technology is a really powerful tool for growing business, but it needs patience, learning to use the necessary tools the right way and most importantly employing creativity to achieve desired results. 

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