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Quarterly, we organize workshops for artisans as one of the branches of our ecosystem geared towards supporting businesses in our area.
It is an attempt to revamp the informal sector of the economy and integrate unregulated business interests. It is a means of engendering entrepreneurship, personal and business development.

Artisan Outreach Kwara State

our main objective on this present is to bring many artisan and small business together in a way  they can all benefit from each other as well   as trends ville media we intend to enroll many  of this artisans in an entprenueship classes to learn how to manage and expand their business out and inside coast of Africa it is very important that this artisan product get outside and inside Nigerian and all the world. our major focus is to introduce afican business to the world wide and belive we can achieve that your  help and support .


Did u know that the artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, behind the agriculture? that is right: million of people in developing countries  around the globe(most of them are woman) participate in the artisan economy practing traditional craft as a means to earn income and sustain their livehooods