Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Services Help You Clarify, Prepare, and Manage The Future Growth Of Your Business, be It Professional Or Beginner.

Brand Marketing

Every brand has a unique story and vision that drives them. At TrendsVille media, we give your brand a life of its own by telling your story to the expected target audience. Either new or existing products or services, we are committed to treating everyone of it in a way that achieve your brand vision.

HR Structure

We Plan and structure the human resource of your company, recruiting to staff management and all that takes to grow your company or business

Financial Consulting

Trendsville Media has developed solutions to fit the needs of even the most complex businesses, Payment are processed immediately and instantly. We believe in delivering quality service and value at an affordable cost.


We believe in the need to give back to the society, hence our corporate social responsibility project called the MSME Hub. It is geared towards building and supporting new businesses to thrive as well as help improve existing businesses.

External Relations

As the world continues to go digital, so are we! We use the different facet of information technology to improve your business by giving you a digital face. We are practical, always available and committed to working with you. Our team of tech experts, are dedicated to helping you solve your IT Challenges which gives you room to focus on your business.

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Business Consulting Firm

we do independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout Nigeria and Beyond. Services include business process improvement, enterprise technology evaluation, selection and implementation. The consulting team is made up of more than 70 professionals and focuses specifically on business process improvement initiatives unique to the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

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What Clients Say

Trendsville Media Services are highly recommended

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Why Choose Us

TrendsVille media is driven by a team of dedicated professionals in all aspect of business development. With exceptional skillset and almost a decade of experience and practice to combine strong local presence with worldwide connection to deliver creative and unique brand strategy, brand campaigns, management an advertising, thereby giving quality and globally relevant solutions to your brand.

Global Sourcing

We are your direct plug to sourcing various types of commodities from all parts of the globe, saving you the stress of dealing with importation, we source for you and deliver to your doorstep.


Public of every brand is important to the success if such brands, there is no brand without its public, hence we believe in standing as a bridge between your brand and its public.

Payment Solutions

Get safe and secure online payment solution for your business. We save you the stress of large transactions by providing sound payment solution suitable for your needs and instant on your request.

Shipment Solutions

We handle your shipments and deliver to your door step as we also have pickup outlets, our services meets your needs

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